TESLA – Intelligence Hub

This page will give you all information about Tesla Inc. If you are looking for news related information about the Roadster, Model S, Model X, Model 3 and future models. Then this is the page you have been looking for.

It contains; 3 RSS News streams will keep you up to date with the latest Breaking News from Tesla, Teslarati, SolarCity and SpaceX. 2 YouTube streams, Tesla Stock Information and Information about the important people from Tesla.

A special feature on this website is the “Find on Page” search option. Normally you can find these options on big websites to search there complete databases. But this is a “one-page”-website, so this search is limited to an Find on Page feature.

W-Bench is all about Green Energy and saving the Planet. We believe that the Electric car is indeed the future. So this is the reason that we created this Fansite to serve the latest information about Tesla on 1 page.

Specification Summary:
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Special Features: “Find on Page”-search, Stock Information, Image carousel and Notification Messages (functions only)