STNET started out on September the 15th 2003. STNET started as short for: Star Trek on the interNet. A collection of all kinds of Star Trek information. From the Original series until Enterprise. Only to insufficient resources and a lack of an efficient website, this goal as to collect all the Star Trek information was unreachable. This turned to an situation where STNET changed its concept every year.

On April 1 2007, the “Intrepid Database” was launched. This started a new generation of STNET. A collection of only Voyager series related information. The one thing that was different than the average websites where the MINI-sites. STNET published five of these small sites. These are small sites with information about one subject.

On 9 march 2009 a complete new version of STNET was released. This was thanks to Aquilo Media. They delivered STNET’s first PHP website engine. Until that time, STNET was running on a HTML-only engine. With this change, STNET changed also its goal. Instead of “The Intrepid Database” it became “Project V”. The V stands for Voyager. The goal to deliver all the Star Trek Voyager and Voyager related Star Trek Online (pcgame) information on one website.

Until November 2013, STNET grew beyond our expectations. STNET – Project V hold more information than we could ever dream. After November 2013, the website updates where stopped, and due to changes in the main company F.Productions (renamed to W-Bench), STNET became more of a dark ally.

But on July 11th 2015, a new version of STNET is launched.
With this launch, a new course is set for STNET. Starting from scratch, to become the largest Engineer Fan Database there is.

Purely driven by a passion, STNET is updated according to a none determent schedule. Updates are rolled out on their own pace. STNET is a 100% fan/hobby project, please keep this in mind.

Going with a minimalistic website look, STNET is collecting all kinds of Star Trek Technical information from Ships until Science and Technology.

Specification Summary:
Code Base: WordPress
Graphic Design: W-Bench & WordPress Template
Responsive Design: Yes