This is a short overview about the company called, W-Bench. W-Bench started his operations in the year 2002 under the name F.Productions, location: Netherlands.

During the period 2002-2006, F.Productions did all kinds of experiments. Products and services were coming and going. Unfortunately, none of them were successful. It wasn't until 2007 when "F.Productions Design" was founded. A new concept specialized on design from websites until club magazines. 5 years later, "F.Productions Design" stopped as a brand and all the design activities where transferred to the main brand. The reason for this, to keep the company clean and simple.

The next big change wasn't until 2017, when F.Productions changed his name to W-Bench.

After 10 years of time, the company changed to a more "hobby" like company. In other words, more like a Workbench. Still focused on Web design and building websites for customers, but also on more fun/proof of concept web designs.

With STNET, we still like to communicate our passion and love for the science-fiction series "Star Trek". More info on: "stnet.nu".

With DQT we entered the music business in 2015 with Dance-music. In 2017, DQT decided to discontinue all the activities by dropping the official website (dj-dqt.com) and Facebook page. The only place where you still can find DQT is on: "Mixcloud".

After more than 10 years of existence, W-Bench is still going strong. Our slogan "Think no Limits" explains that we not holding back for anything. Even the sky is no limit for us.

Also we like to thank our partners, who also did (and still do) take their part in the W-Bench history:
Aquilo Media
Final Frontier Media
G. Woudstra