Supplement Logs

You have been granted access to the Supplement Logs of STNET.

Updates to this website are done following a release structure. In our development center, we combine a set of updates and release them in 1 big update to the website. This is the reason why STNET is not releasing an update every week or month.

We are calling these update packages a "Supplement" to the website.

Supplement 02 - Maiden Voyage

Captains Log: July 4th 2017. Boldly go where no technical website has gone before. It took a few months, but here it is. The Maiden Voyage of the new STNET website. We like to celebrate this new adventure with a nice and awesome addition to our Database. As of today you can visit the first moments of the Star Trek Series Voyager. We (again) have launched the first Voyager website as it was seen in 1995. Also we added the news feed of our partner website "Final Frontier Media". This website holds the b...

Supplement 01 - Mission Drydock

Captains Log: February 4th 2017. Finally, it's here. The first update to STNET after the launch almost a year ago, and a lot has changed. My crew has worked hard to complete this update to our systems and this is only the start. More improvements are coming in the near future. But first, let's start explaining the changes that we have done in Supplement 01, codenamed: Mission Drydock. - Under the hood, we completely upgraded the system engine where the website is running on. Upgraded to be a more dev...