W-Bench Company Refresh

Welcome to our new website, logo and company design style. Today we release all that and more.
Our new website has a clean look and feel. We also updated the website content to represent all the developments that we had between 2017 and now (2020).

This also marks the goodbye of our own web-engine “W-Engine”. As of now, W-Bench has stopped all the development in the Website Engine area. After 2 successful projects “WebWave” and “W-Engine”, developing website engines is something that has been changed in the last 7 years.

With the great improvements of platforms as WordPress and other products, this area of expertise is somewhat dominated and greatly served. Also in the last couple of years security standards has been reaching a complete new level.

As of today, all new W-Bench projects (except our Web-Page-Projects) will be based on the WordPress platform. This started with the new W-Bench website that now has been released and the start of a new STNET website (read more).

Many thanks to our partners and visitors for believing in is for more than 10 years!
Stay tuned for more developments in the future!