Today will be the day that we announce the biggest change in the F.Productions history. Today we like to announce our new name: W-Bench.

As of the weekend of the February 4th 2017, we are rebranding all F.Productions products to our new name, new look and new direction.

2002, the year when F.Productions came to live from a none official website called “LookaLook”. Started out as a very young and ambitious company with the main focus on the website STNET.

During the period 2002-2006, F.Productions did all kinds of experiments. Products and services were coming and going. Unfortunately, none of them were successful. It wasn’t until 2007 when “F.Productions Design” was founded. A new concept specialized on design from websites until club magazines. 5 years later, “F.Productions Design” stopped as a brand and all the design activities where transferred to the main brand. The reason for this, to keep the company clean and simple.

And now we are rebranding F.Productions to W-Bench and are launching a new website for:
DQT (formally DJ DQT)

Also our Web Page Projects; MineVortex and SPIRS are getting a big update.

More information will be released on launch weekend!
But for now, we like to wish everyone a good and healthy 2017!

And see you at: www.w-bench.com